Shoulder pain can put a crimp in your lifestyle and can be very annoying. You might have trouble sleeping on one side or lifting heavy objects at work.

Often patients who see me with a complaint of shoulder pain have bicipital tendinitis. The biceps tendon can easily move out of its normal position after a sudden jerking motion like walking a dog on a leash, lifting something too heavy or sleeping in a bad position on one shoulder for eight hours. Bicipital tendinitis is a triad symptoms. When the bicieps tendon slips out of place, there’s also involvement of the radioulnar ligament of the elbow and the bones of the wrist as well. Correcting bicipital tendinitis  usually takes only one or two visits. It involves three very gentle adjustments of the shoulder, the elbow and the wrist. Bicipital tendinitis is often misdiagnosed as a rotator cuff syndrome.

The other shoulder problems have to do with a slight separation of the joints next to the clavicle or collarbone. The first is the acromioclavicular or AC joint, next to the shoulder. The other is the sternoclavicular joint, next to the sternum. I usually adjust these with an activator. The last problem related to the shoulder is an anterior humeral head. This is when the top of the shoulder goes forward. An anterior humeral head can cause round shoulders and affect your posture and breathing as well.

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