Hip pain can be frustrating. You want to walk but it hurts just to sit or stand. Severe hip pain can be very debilitating. Patients with chronic hip pain often end up getting hip surgery. The spine sits on the pelvis and the pelvis sits on the legs. The concave area where the pelvis meets the legs is call the acetabulum. The femur or long bone of the upper leg sits in the acetabulum. Pain in the hip is often due to a femur head subluxation.

Lower back and hip pain: If the head of the femur is out of alignment, the sacroiliac will go out of alignment and then the fourth lumbar disc on the right will start to bulge. The second cervical on the right will also go out of alignment. The femur head often goes out of alignment in two different directions: anterior superior and anterior inferior.

Hip pain causes: There are three main causes for the femur are going out of alignment. The first is crossing the left leg over the right and the second is due to emotional armoring at the third lumbar and the third is a second chakra imbalance.  Because a misalignment of the femur is one of the main causes of the spine being unstable it is essential for every chiropractor to check it on every visit. Emotional armoring at the third lumbar and second chakra imbalances can be cleared out using CARE or Chakra Armor Release of Emotions technique. This will stabilize the femur as well as the sacroiliac joint.

Hip pain relief comes in the form of a chiropractic adjustment for the femur head or releasing the emotional armoring at the third lumbar and second chakra imbalances using CARE. If treated in time this often can prevent the need for hip surgery.

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