Spring is here, the flowers are in bloom and everything around us is beautiful. Makes you feel great except if you have allergies. Airborne allergies can make you feel pretty miserable. It can keep you from hiking in the woods and enjoying nature.

Allergies are generally thought to be a malfunction of the immune system.  The body reacts to a substance which is normally harmless to the majority of the population. According to my clinical experience, I have found this to be only half true. Airborne allergies are usually associated with emotional armor. Armor is an energy block due to an unexpressed emotion. The armor that causes airborne allergies is usually found in the lungs or the thymus gland. The armor then weakens the immune system by denying proper blood flow to the area and then often soon after the onset of allergic symptoms begin.

I have a test kit which contains vials of various allergens in it. By using muscle testing or applied kinesiology we can quickly identify the offending allergen. Next we find out where the emotional block is located in the body and what emotional event caused it.

I had a patient named Jane who had an allergy to pine trees. There are a lot of pine trees in Monterey where she lives. When the pine trees pollinate, it leaves a coat of yellow pollen over everyone’s car. It gets everywhere and is in the air constantly. This caused her to have a runny nose, sneezing, swelling and puffiness. It was pretty scary for her. I tested Jane and found emotional armoring in the right lung. Next we found the armor was due to unexpressed sadness within the last ten years. I asked her if she could remember anything in the last ten years that made her sad. She told me she had a boyfriend that she was madly in love with and he died. The loss made her incredibly sad and full of grief. During the treatment I asked Jane to think of the sadness about the loss of her boyfriend. I retested her and the pine allergy was gone. Her chest pain was reduced and she felt like she was glowing. She was amazed. The whole process took about 10 minutes.