“My name is Paul Thompson. I sing in a choir and also do solo performances around the Bay Area. I felt like my voice desired to reach a higher level but something was blocking its progression. Prior to seeing Dr. Rettner, I could reach an A or A flat. Dr. Rettner cleared out the emotional armor surrounding my vocal chords, and I can now reach a high “B” note with relative ease. A high “B” is the next level, which is extremely good and high for a male voice. My voice coach and others who’ve heard me sing recently think I should move into operatic singing. I’m very pleased with the Chakra Armor Release of Emotions technique that Dr. Rettner employs in his chiropractic practice.”

Dear Dr. Rettner:
“After receiving your treatment for Releasing Birth Trauma I have felt more of a profound effect today than yesterday. It’s pretty amazing. I walk more slowly and feel absolute 0 % tension of anything mental or physical. I seem to be more outspoken just out and about so far today. Thank you very much.” — Brad