Depression: Recognizing the Physical Symptoms

Many people with depression suffer from chronic pain or other physical symptoms. These include:Headaches, Back pain, Muscle aches and joint pain and Chest pain. Depression can make any kind of chronic pain worse. Depression can also cause Digestive problems. You might have diarrhea or become chronically constipated. If you’re depressed you might feel Exhausted and have chronic fatigue. No matter how much you sleep, you may still feel tired or worn out. Getting out of the bed in the morning may seem very hard, even impossible. You might also be having Sleeping problems. Many people with depression can’t sleep well anymore. They wake up too early or can’t fall asleep when they go to bed. Others sleep much more than normal.You can also have a Change in appetite or weight. Some people with depression lose their appetite and lose weight. Others find they crave certain foods — like carbohydrates — and weigh more.

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