Psychosomatic Symptoms & C.A.R.E.

Chronic and unresponsive health problems often have emotional components
which manifest themselves in Chakra and Armor imbalances. C.A.R.E.
empowers you to take care of psychosomatic symptoms without talk therapy.
Chakras are spinning wheels of energy which are closely related to our
emotional state. Each chakra is associated with a different endocrine gland.
Armor is a muscle spasm due to an unexpressed emotion. Clearing out the
emotions related to these imbalances can result in an immediate release
which helps to restore a more healthful and harmonious state. For example,
release of armor in the psoas muscle has eliminated chronic lumbar subluxations that have plagued patients for years. Learn this valuable technique for healing chronic back pain and endocrine imbalances.

See the below video to learn more about C.A.R.E.:

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