Carpal tunnel syndrome is due to a combination of tight muscles, trigger points as well as the bones out of alignment in the wrist. When I check your in a wrist, first I check the range of motion and muscle test it  to see if the bones in the wrist are out of alignment. Next, I check the fascia, which is the covering of the muscle, to see how tight it is. I also check for trigger points. Those are knots in the muscle caused by a collection of lactic acid  or a repetitive stress injury. First I free up the fascia and work the trigger points. It hurts a little bit but it’s a good pain. Once the pain is released the blood flows back to the area and the pain is relieved. Next I do a sideward figure 8 motion on the wrist. This relieves the pain and often adjusts the bones in the wrist without any force. Next I retest the bones in the wrist to see if they’re still out of alignment. If they are, I will then give a gentle, effective adjustment to the wrist. This usually gives immediate relief and a subatantial reduction of pain and swelling.

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