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He has made numerous radio and T.V. appearances, is the author of many books.

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We specialize in the most advanced and proven techniques, including:

Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC)

adjustments that correct posture

ArthroStim® Instrument Adjusting

adjustments that correct posture

Fascial Alignment Stretch Technique (FAST)

Deep Tissue Massage for posture

Allergy Correction Technique

Deep Tissue Massage for posture


We have never turned anyone away because of their financial situation. But we have turned people away for not making their health a priority.

Everyone has the right to be healthy; we have various payment options available to make chiropractic care affordable to you.

My name is Paul Thompson.

I sing in a choir and also do solo performances around the Bay Area. I felt like my voice desired to reach a higher level but something was blocking its progression.

Prior to seeing Dr. Rettner, I could reach an A or A flat. Dr. Rettner cleared out the emotional armor surrounding my vocal chords, and I can now reach a high “B” note with relative ease. A high “B” is the next level, which is extremely good and high for a male voice. My voice coach and others who’ve heard me sing recently think I should move into operatic singing.

I’m very pleased with the Chakra Armor Release of Emotions technique that Dr. Rettner employs in his chiropractic practice.

Paul Thompson


Dear Dr. Rettner:

After receiving your treatment for Releasing Birth Trauma I have felt more of a profound effect today than yesterday. It’s pretty amazing.

I walk more slowly and feel absolute 0% tension of anything mental or physical.

I even seem to be more outspoken just out and about so far today.

Thank you very much.




Satisfied Patient

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